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Man-in-the-Conference-Room - Part II (Hardware Hacking)

In this post I'll describe how I used hardware hacking techniques to get more information about the device and dump its internal storage. If you missed the introductory post you can find it here Man-in-the-conference room - Part I (Introduction). Let's start right away !

If we remove the two enclosure screws and open it up, we immediately identify two pinout slots:


Back in 2017 a small device appeared on my desk. A wireless presentation device that one of our customers wanted to deploy on its premises, but not before we had audited it first.

The idea behind those devices is pretty simple: instead of running from meetings to meetings with HDMI and VGA cables in your pockets, just leave a device connected to a presentation screen at all time and let presenters connect to the device using a client application on their laptop or smartphone. These presentation devices are usually deployed in large companies or universities and cost between $800 to something around $1800 based on the features they got.

The device in question was an Airmedia AM-101 and in this blog series I'll describe my complete process on how I went to test it. Hopefully this can be used as some kind of cheat sheet for folks starting in the field.

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