combining mt:unique with mt:join

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I have a template to generate reports based on Nessus output. One of the output fields is CVE, BID and OSVDB.
If I generate a report, I use the following statement to get all CVE's for a finding:

{{mt:join(//finding[@title = $_0]/cve,', ')|leaf}}

I get however the same data back several times if several hosts have this vulnerability. I guess I have to use mt:unique, but then I don't get all CVE's.

Please help me!

BTW: thanks for this truly amazing tool.

Did you try {{mt:join(mt:unique(//finding[@title = $_0]/cve),', ')|leaf}}? Is that where you don't get all CVEs?


That looks like a bug. mt:unique() shouldn't loose data. I'll test it and let you know.

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