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Has anyone found a way to successfully import a Nessus Policy Compliance scan so that it includes all of the audited items with the PASS or FAIL?
The .nessus file does import into MagicTree, but it only includes the first check. I believe this is because the Policy Compliance checks all use the same Plugin ID.

Any work arounds would be appreciated.


Hi there,

I'll have to look into it. It will probably need some tweaks in Nessus XSLT. Thanks for letting us know.


i modify the nessus22mt.xsl file so that i can generate compliance report from nessus xml result. i dont know much about xslt or xpath but still i can produce a decent report when doing compliance check. i hope that other will help to improve the xsl file so that we can benefit from it.

thank you

links to the xsl file :

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