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I love that we can import nmap, burp and nessus; there are a few other tools that I use and so do my colleagues.

Is it possible to import flat files or other such files from not supported (as of yet) tools and create text/data nodes which then generates a report with that information in it?

I've imported my nessus, nmap, and burp; I also ran a tool like Hyena.
Before generating my report, I want to include the details from Hyena.
I create a new node for Hyena and import the file into children nodes; whether it's text or data node.
I generate a custom template that includes a section for {{Hyena Output}} or similar and it includes it in the report with the other data.

Is this possible? I'd like to make MagicTree a one-stop shop for report writing and generation.


If you run Hyena from MagicTree itself, the output will be saved automatically to the tree and you can include the output in the report with something like this {{mt:taskscreenlog(//task[contains(@command, "hyena")])}}. What you can also do is select your Hyena task in the task list in Task Manager, press Ctrl+C, then go to your report and press Ctrl+V. This will paste the command, start and end date and the full task output into the report.

If you feel that running Hyena outside MagicTree is more convenient for one or another reason, we can implement handling Text and Data nodes in report generator as well, so you can do it your way. What do you think?

Hmm I did not know it would be possible to run Hyena from MagicTree. I guess I need to explore a bit more with it.

One thing though, we use Linux, so I'm not sure how one would run Hyena a Windows tool through Wine inside MT.


If you can install SSH server and Cygwin tools on Windows, you'll be able to run commands on Windows from MagicTree running on Linux. Another possibility is to run MagicTree on Windows, run all Windows tools from it, than merge the MT file from Windows with one you have on Linux.

Just copying output file from Windows to Linux and adding it to MT is probably easier. What you can do right now, is create a Text node in MagicTree, give it some title (i.e. "Hyena") and paste your output into the panel on the right. Then you can include it in the report as {{//text[@tilte='Hyena']}}

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