Page Break after every finding?

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Is there a good way to make a Page Break after every finding?

For examble the summary-of-findings-cross-referenced Template.
There is a Page Break when all High Findings are listed and it switches to Medium.
But I want a Page Break after every High finding.

Is there a command for Page Breaks?

I don't know of any way to add a page break after each finding. It's something I'd like to have too. Let me think about it, perhaps we can come up with a solution.


I discoverd a workaround by chance. What worked for me:

In the MagicTree Templates after each Serverity are PageBreaks included. But they don't work unless you put one new PageBreak after each Severity.
So you have a Blank Page between High and Medium and Low for example.
When you generate your Report you have a new Page for each new Finding.

If you find a cleaner solution please let me know.


That's cool. I'll try that. Thanks.

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