Critical findings in report from nessus?

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Hi again,

I noticed while generating a report from a nessus v2 file that has over 20 critical findings (as labeled by Nessus 5), that MagicTree outputs them as High (not Critical label).

Is it possible to have MagicTree read the Nessus label appropriately and assign the criticality label correctly?


Hi securitycrush,

Different scanners use different scales (i.e. "critical", "high", "medium", "low", "info" or "highly critical", "moderately critical", etc.) Keeping original ratings makes it messy - is "moderately critical" better or worse than "high"? To get around that, we use the same ratings for all scanners - "high", "medium", "low", "info", and Nessus's "critical" becomes "high".

However, if you only use Nessus and would like to have "critical" in your reports, you can edit the XSLT in .magictree/xslt/nessus22mt.xsl around line 195 (<xsl:template name="nessus-severity">) and make severity 4 a separate case.


I will give that a try and report back if I have any problems.

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