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My XPath needs to be vastly improved to get much value out of this excellent product - but:

Could someone help me with the syntax for a query which would return the following in a table suitable for a report, based on some imported Nessus V2 data?

The contents of the "output" node for each instance of the finding "Patch Report", per each host in the scan.

This would enable me to create a very primitive, first-pass remediation plan for environments where patch management is the biggest problem.

Currently I have the following XPath expressions in the Table View:

host //host
finding descendant::finding
output descendant::output

and I believe I need to refine the "finding" expression to select a given finding by its name, allowing the "output" expression to evaluate correctly. The documentation is great but (understandably) doesn't go to this level of detail, and I can't find anything in this forum which shows someone performing a similar task.

Many thanks,


Expressions that deliver my intended results are:

Title Expression
host //host
finding descendant::finding[id="66334"]
output descendant::output

so I now have this info.
Now I must somehow create a report template which features this data!
All a great learning experience, but there are still some core concepts I'm not properly getting :/

Hope this helps someone,


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