MagicTree Documentation: Using Node Status

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All MagicTree tree nodes have a status. Node status can be used to flag data that needs further attention, data that should be ignored and so on. The following statuses are currently defined:

  • None

  • New

  • To do

  • Interesting

  • Ignore

By default nodes have status set to "None". When XML data is merged into the tree, newly created nodes are assigned the status "New".

The status of a node is indicated by its display color. Nodes that have descendants with non-default statuses show the number of ancestor nodes with non-default status:

"testdata" node has 88 descendants with "New" status, 1 descendant with "To do" status and 4 descendants with "Interesting" status

Node status can be assigned manually. Right-click a node, select "Set object status" from the context menu and select the status you want to assign.

It is also possible to set or reset status for a whole subtree. Select a node, right-click on it to invoke the context menu, select "Set object status (recursive)" and select the status you want to set.

XPath Crash Course - Learning By Example | Table of Contents | Custom XPath Functions >