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OpenOffice documents can contain hyperlinks to parts of the same document or to external resources. To link to some part of the document we need to point a hyperlink to a bookmark in the document.

To insert a hyperlink in an OpenOffice template, select the text that will be linked, select Insert from the menu, and select "Hyperlink". In the dialog box in the Target field place the XPath placeholder that will evaluate to the name of the bookmark that you want to link to, for example "{{ancestor::host}}"

By default the MagicTree Report generator assumes that all hyperlinks that have XPath placeholders in their targets are internal hyperlinks, pointing to a bookmark in the document. However you may want to link to an external resource, such as a web page. For example, for all CVE IDs you want to create a hyperlink to the appropriate page on site. This is also possible. To instruct MagicTree report generator to treat the hyperlink as external, add the "external" flag to the XPath placeholder in the hyperlink target. For example you may type the following in the "Target:" text field:{{cve|external}}

Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word Templates | Table of Contents | Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting >


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