MagicTree Documentation: Adding XSLT Transforms

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Users can add XSLT transforms to MagicTree in order to import XML output of tools that MagicTree does not support out of the box. Once XSLT file is written, to get MagicTree to use it, copy it to .magictree/xslt directory and edit file in that directory. See Writing XSLT Transforms for hints on creating XSLT transform files. file maps the XML root element of the XML file being processed to the name of the XSLT transform file that will be used to convert this XML format to MagicTree format.

For example, suppose you use a tool that outputs XML that looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<bar />
<baz />

You have created an XSLT transform fiel that transforms the output into MagticTree XML and called it foo2mt.xsl. You have copied it to .magictree/xslt . Then you to add the following line to file located in .magictree/xslt directory:

foo foo2mt.xsl

This will instruct MagicTree to use foo2mt.xsl to transform XML files that have <foo> as their root element.

Currently Supported XML Formats | Table of Contents | Writing XSLT Transforms >