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Hello all...

This might be straightforward but I'd appreciate some pointers.

If I have say a Nessus report from 20 different hosts - all happily imported into MT - is there a simple way of just saying 'please report on host 1,5,9,17' - i.e. generating different reports for different groups.


One thing you can do is recursively set status to 'ignore' on all hosts except those you want in the report. Just check that the report template you are using has something like //finding[@status!='ignore'].

Another possibility is making a copy of your project file and fearlessly deleting all hosts that you don't want in the report.

I agree that neither is very straightforward. A way to tell MT "only use this subset of data in the report" is certainly a useful feature. We just need to figure out how to do it from the UI point of view of the UI.

Thanks for this.

How about just an element that can be added to each host node?
Or a extra colum next to elements in the left-hand tree?

Sorry, I'm probably being a bit simplistic.

Well, currently node status works that way.

I meant something like selecting nodes in the tree or rows in the table and telling MT "report this"

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