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Burp Proxy can generate XML reports, with the option to base64-encode the requests/responses. i am not 100% sure why, but I can think of some situations where the requests/responses might seriously mess with the XML in the XML reports.

Of course, when having a template that include the Request/Responses, we now have a problem: in our report, and in the tree, they show up as base64-encoded.

Two possible solutions:

1) at "import" time MT could detect (or by configured to detect) the base64 encoding and automatically decode it. No changes required in "reporting".

2) no changes at "import", but during report-generation, users could use the mt-base64decode() function to decode the base64 in the generated report.



The reason why Burp encodes HTTP requests and responses are NULL characters, which may occur in requests/responses, but may not occur in XML. So, decoding requests/repsonses automatically will generate broken MagicTree XML. Your second idea - mt:base64decode() is a good solution - this way the we avoid NULL characters in XML. I suppose we should provided two versions - a raw decode and one that replaces NULL characters and possibly other unprintable stuff with something human-readable.

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