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Export to nmap XML - nmap.xslt missing?

I see from v1.2 exporting to nmap XML is supported via XSLT export, however I have not been able to locate the referenced nmap.xslt file.

I see from the comment reply here it is apparently located at .magictree/export/nmap.xsl, but my ~/.magictree/export folder is not present. I have tried the version (1.2 build 1802) linked from the announcement as well as the latest (1.3 build 1814) with no success.

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Large .nessus files

I'm having trouble opening large .nessus files (v5) into MT.

Platform: Windows 8.1, i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Java 1.6.0_45, MT 1.3

I seem to have no problem opening files < 40-80MB - they work great and I LOVE the capabilities of MT!

However, I have several more files from 100MB to 433MB that so far never seem to complete opening. For example, I started a 101MB file about 14 hours ago and it is still trying to open. It is still at the "Opening file:..." dialog with the progress bar running left to right very quickly.

nmap script import

What is the best way to import nmap script content and tag it? I would like to add the nmap nbstat.nse content and smb-os-discovery information to each host.

Thank you in advance.

Can't find Repo Object in Repository after Save

I created some Query/ Expressions in Table View.
After that i saved them with a Text, Description, Tags and Repository Category: User.
When i click on Save again MagicTree finds 1 Object with my description (example: User: Text APACHE Port 80 OS HOST). So the entry exists.
When I search after the expression in the Repository MagicTree founds nothing.
Did I do something wrong?

Import nmap's scripts results

Hi all,

Here is a little patch for nmap2mt.xsl.

It adds nodes with nmap's scripts id and results (descendants of port nodes) :

--- nmap2mt.old 2012-07-23 21:30:00.784892176 +0200
+++ nmap2mt.xsl 2012-07-23 22:43:27.930746032 +0200
@@ -105,6 +105,13 @@
+ <xsl:for-each select="script">
+ <script status="new"><xsl:value-of select="@id" />
+ <xsl:if test="@output">

Import Nessus Policy Compliance Scan


Has anyone found a way to successfully import a Nessus Policy Compliance scan so that it includes all of the audited items with the PASS or FAIL?
The .nessus file does import into MagicTree, but it only includes the first check. I believe this is because the Policy Compliance checks all use the same Plugin ID.

Any work arounds would be appreciated.


Simple query of particular port

Hello all...

Apologies, me again.

I've looked at the repository of the query for generating a list of HTTP servers (or http service on another port) but I've failed to duplicate the information there to another query.

What is the simplest way of performing a query to say 'show me the hosts with port 111 open' (for example).


Feature request - better matching of hostnames

I'm creating a .xsl file to convert report output from a tool to MagicTree. Once finished, I will sent it to you to include it in MagicTree.

Unfortunately, this tool is a web application vulnerability scanner and does not have the IP address in any of its reports.

I can create however a correct host section with missing IP address (aargghh, your filter makes it impossible to include XML):


This will be correctly imported, but not merged with existing data, such as the following existing data:

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