Testing Riddler CAPTCHA

We have recently been swampted by spam forum posts and comments. Some seem to be submitted by bots while other appear to be from humans. Untill now we've been using Image CAPTCHA module which doesn't seem to help much. We have now installed and configured Riddler. Let's see if it helps.

If you are trying to submit a post or comment and can't get through Riddler, please send us an email.


Testing, seems to work.

I'm glad you opted for riddler instead of recaptcha! I have found that they are getting so difficult that I can't read them at all is some cases. I ended up having to download a captcha bypass browser extension called rumola to get by. Riddler, however, I can understand! Might have to get something like it for my own blog, I am also having a spam flood at the moment.

Seems to work so far. We haven't seen a single piece of spam since we installed riddler.

A good thing about riddler is that it also stops human spammers, and a part of our spam seems to come from humans, not robots.

Thanks for the tip. Will try out riddler. The spammers have been very persistent.