Why Investing in IT Security is Bad for Your Business: A Model

Consider a simple economic model. There are N companies that make doodahs. I am going to make two assumptions about the doodah market.

1. The market for doodahs is very competitive, so the profit margins are thin - a doodah maker that has a higher cost of production quickly goes out of business. This is not a very strong assumption - most modern markets are like this.

MagicTree FAQ and Build 1487

We have started a FAQ page for MagicTree. If you have a questions that should be added, please comment.

We have also posted MagicTree build 1487 for download. It contains various bug fixes, in particular in XML parsing, and minor UI improvements.


MagicTree vs. Dradis

Note: this post is unfinished - two videos are missing
Correction: Dradis can do reports in Word format

Several people have noted that MagicTree is similar to Dradis. In this post I will try to make a point by point comparison, outlining out both similarities and differences. Obviously, I have a bias - being MagicTree developer, I know MagicTree a lot better than Dradis. Feel free to correct me or point out the features that I have missed.


Video: Using MagicTree for Analysing Data

This video was going to be the first in a series of three. However I got stuck with the second one, so instead of waiting for the inspiration to hit me, I thought I'll publish this one anyway. Enjoy.

JNetBridge: Java Library to Send/Receive Network Packets

I am releasing jnetbridge, which will be responsible for receiving and sending network packets in Marvin 0.92 (the current version, 0.91, still uses jpcap). It is based on JNetPcap (JNI adapter to libpcap/winpcap + protocol analyzer in Java). JNetBridge is a small piece of code on top of the massive JNetPcap library.

To cut the long story short, below is a bunch of files you may want to have a look at, if you are Java developer trying to implement some sort of a network bridge or a router.

    Self-encrypting (FDE) Hard Disks & Linux

    Recently I have upgraded to Dell Latitude E6510 with 4 cores / 8 threads processor, plenty of RAM, and a fast hard disk. Nevertheless, the interactive performance of Ubuntu becomes sloppy beyond any measure when a virtual machine or two start trashing the disks.

    There seems to be known performance problems in Linux kernel, like Bug 12309. And full disk encryption makes things even worse. It appears that new FDE technology will give laptop users a chance to move the burden of encryption to hard drives.

    Using Skipfish for Numerical URL Brute-forcing

    Suppose we have a web site that stores data files in a web accessible directory /data/ which is not indexable. And suppose the files are named /data/something_<timestamp>.txt. And we want to find as many data files present in this directory as possible. Further let's assume that the timestamp is in "yymmddhhmmss" format.

    MagicTree Nessus version 2 XML parsing bug fix

    Sébastien Damaye of has reported a bug in MagicTree data import from Nessus XML version 2. Build 1381 includes a corrected XSLT for Nessus XML version 2 and fixes this problem. Thanks to Sébastien for reporting it. The downloads page is updated to point to build 1381.

    Tapping 802.1x Links with Marvin

    While testing fat clients and appliances for resistance against man-in-the-middle attack I always had to mess with iptables/ebtables/socat to divert network connections. It is enough in most cases, but sometimes the setup gets too elaborate. To make my life easier, I have decided to write a tool, capable to divert and re-inject a network connections while preserving the original network addresses, including layer 2 ones. The tool is not complete yet, but it already can be used to tap into a wired network protected with 802.1x, so I've decided to publish it anyway.

    Webmail XSS Tester - Excess2

    Here is a script to automate testing of webmail systems for cross-site scripting. It uses XSS Cheat Sheet to generate the injection strings. Compared to the previous version this version downloads XSS cheat sheet on the fly (instead of having it hard-coded) and supports SMTP authentication.

           excess2 - A script for testing webmail systems for cross-site scripting


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