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Layout of the directories

The application is delivered as a single JAR file which can be placed at any location. Besides the jar we use a single location to store files related to MagicTree, called a /MagicTree directory/ or mtdir. It contains several subdirectories.

  • MagicTree directory (mtdir).

    • Getter: File MtConfig.getMagicTreeDir()

    • Examples: C:\Documents and Settings\abb\.magictree\, /home/abb/.magictree

  • Temp directory (tempdir). Top-level container for temporary storage used by the application at run-time.

    • Getter: File MtConfig.getTempDir()

    • Examples: /home/abb/.magictree/tmp, /tmp/magictreeXXX

  • Project directory (projdir). Contains content of the tree of currently open project

    • Used internally by MtTreeController, there is no public getter.

    • Example: /home/abb/.magictree/tmp/magictree12345

  • XSLT directory (xsltdir). Contains XSLT files.

    • Getter: File MtConfig.getXsltDir()

    • Example: /home/abb/.magictree/xslt

  • Repo directory (repodir). Contains files related to user's own local repository.

    • Getter: File MtConfig.getRepoDir()

    • Example: /home/abb/.magictree/repos

  • Bin directory (bindir). Contains miscellaneous shell scripts.

    • Getter: File MtConfig.getBinDir()

    • Example: /home/abb/.magictree/bin

  • Cygwin directory (cygwindir). Optional, may contain minimal CygWin distribution.

    • Getter: File MtConfig.getGygwinDir()

    • Example:C:\Documents and Settings\abb\.magictree\cygwin, c:\cygwin

Also see below for description of workdir.

Paths to the directories


By default the application places mtdir at .magictree/ under user's home directory. Paths to all other directories (except workdir and cygwindir) are calculated by adding a predefined suffix to MagicTree directory, as shown above.


We also have a concept of work directory (workdir). By default it is set to user's homedir, but its value gets changed to location of the most recently open/saved/merged file.


For Windows platform, MagicTree also should know a path to cygwin directory (cygwindir). We provide alternative MagicTree package bundled with minimal cygwin distribution, which will be extracted under mtdir. It will be used if there is no explicit cygwindir setting (see below).



The application automatically loads and saves the following settings to $mtdir/settings file:

  • Desktop location

  • Desktop size

  • Auto-save period

  • Path to workdir

  • List of recently open/saved projects

  • Path to cygwindir

User input history

In the current version user input history uses Java Preferences for storage.

Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting | Table of Contents | Configuration Options >


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