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By default MagicTree checks for orphan project files in tempdir (see Files and Directories) and suggests user to recover or delete them. Command line option --no-crash-recovery disables this behavior, for example:

java -jar MagicTree-onejar.jar --no-crash-recovery


MagicTree uses OneJar software to pack its components into a single JAR file. Most of OneJar's options are described in, although some of them are undocumented.

Path to mtdir can be overridden (for example to get MagicTree started with "factory" settings) by setting property like following:

java -D one-jar.expand.dir=/tmp/mtdir1234 MagicTree.jar

(If the application was not packed with OneJar, i.e. in development environment, point one-jar.expand.dir.actual property to directory already containing all necessary directories (bin, xslt, ...).


MagicTree keeps user-specific settings in file under mtdir. Most of them are updated automatically, but some can be used to customize behavior of the application.

command-monitor-helpers-xtrace: Boolean value. If set to "true', magictree will pass "-x' flag to shell when invoking helpers scripts.

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