We are hiring yet again - pentester job

We are looking for a penetration tester again. The business has been growing steadily and we need more people.

We will prefer somebody from Belgium or EU, but will consider applications from other countries also. We are located in Brussels, Belgium. The job is full time, mostly on customer sites in Belgium.

We are hiring again!

Once again, we are looking for a penetration tester. See this post for a descriptiong of skills we are interested in. Prior penetration testing experience is a plus, but not a must, provided that you have the necessary knowledge, both practical and theoretical. The job is in Brussels, Belgium, working remotely may be possible for some projects, but most of the time you'll have to be on site.

Contact us at if you are interested.

We Are Hiring

We are looking for a penetration tester. Most of the work is in or around Brussels. Some of the work will have to be done remotely. Employee or subcontractor.

You'll get a lot of opportunities to hack stuff. Actually, you'll be trying to break stuff most of your working time. Except when you are writing reports. Or trying to make stuff work, before you can start breaking it. Most of the work are web application tests, but other stuff as well, from hardware hacking to custom client-server applications.

Interview with Data News

Belgian IT magazine Data News has published the interview with Filip Waeytens and me (Alla) today. It is about penetration testing, hacking and IT security in general. Here is the PDF in Dutch. The whole issue can be viewed here.

About Gremwell - Penetration Testing Services in Belgium

Gremwell offers security consulting services in the area of penetration testing, ethical hacking, vulnerability assessments and security code and configuration reviews. We are located in the neighbourhood of Brussels, and service clients in Belgium and abroad. Read about our team, our clients, and how we work. Our services include:
  • Web application security tests
  • Mobile applications security tests
  • External and internal network security assessments and penetration tests
  • Telephony and VoIP systems security tests
  • Hardware security tests (CPE hardware security, alarm systems, RF and mobile communication systems, cryptographic devices, payment systems)
  • Custom application and system security testing
Contact us to discuss your project. Gremwell develops MagicTree - a data management tool for penetration testers.
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